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Avast, me hearties!

Avast, me hearties!

Exploring is a great metaphor for my personal learning process. I tend to meander through tangles of raw materials and find my way into rich treasure. While I don’t consider myself a gamer, I know that my learning and teaching have always held many of the mechanics of “game” and play.

Explore Like a Pirate (Michael Matera) had me nodding and cheering for what could be/should be. Tara M. Martin had me learning SnapChat from my teen son. It became a bit of a love fest!

But Wait! There’s More!

As it so happens, I dove into Explore at the same time I was searching for a book to share with my colleagues for our Book Club selection. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would not only make great book club choice but that our standard book club modus operandi needed to change in response … in other words, we needed to try gamified Book Club! Booya!

I modified a hyperdoc board from Genevive Pacada for the content of the book. Super fun to build!

I found TED talks and YouTube videos to support book concepts. I created tasks that require creation and collaboration with a guild. I created Padlet boards for asynchronous discussion and posting of #Booksnaps. It actually took way less time than I imagined!!! Score!

Here are some WINS that have already taken place:

  • We were able to double the size limit of our book club. Usually restricted to 10 participants … we’re at 23! I didn’t have to turn anyone down!
  • Choices on the board (rather than scheduled book club meetings) mean that participants can work as they have time. This is a BUSY season for us. That flexibility is key!
  • Guilds can include team members who aren’t officially in Book Club! Expanded discussion and learning across the team!

We have actively “set sail” on our adventure! I have high hopes for a bounty of treasure!!!


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